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Clear Konjac Sponge

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    Revitalize your skincare routine with the transformative power of our Clean Konjac Sponge. Crafted from premium Konjac plant fibers, this sponge is meticulously designed to deeply cleanse and refine your skin, leaving it with a radiant glow. Its gentle yet effective exfoliation buffs away impurities, excess oil, and dead skin cells, unveiling a velvety-smooth complexion that exudes freshness and vitality. Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin and even delicate baby skin, our Konjac Sponge offers a soothing and non-abrasive cleansing experience. Its soft texture ensures a thorough cleanse without causing any irritation, making it an essential addition to your daily skincare ritual. Embrace the simplicity of natural skincare with our Clean Konjac Sponge. Let its gentle touch pamper your skin, revealing its natural beauty and leaving you with a complexion that radiates health and luminosity.

    Crafted with 100% natural ingredients, formulated without the addition of sulphates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, or SLSs.




    100% Natural Konjac Root

    Konjac root, derived from the Amorphophallus konjac plant, is renowned for its gentle cleansing and exfoliating properties. Rich in glucomannan, a hydrating dietary fiber, it effectively locks in moisture, keeping the skin hydrated and supple. Additionally, it helps to balance oil production, making it beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin types. Being natural and eco-friendly, konjac root is a sustainable choice for skincare. Packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins, it nourishes the skin, promoting overall skin health and radiance.

    Certified Natural | Cruelty-Free | GMO-Free | Micro-Plastic Free 

    Harsh Chemical Free| Paraben Free | Synthetic Fragrance-Free | Phthalate Free 

    Dye Free | Petrochemical Free 





    Step 1

    Wet the Konjac Sponge with water till it is soft

    Step 2

    Pour 5-6 drops of Deep Cleansing Oil on the sponge

    Step 3

    Gently move the sponge in circular motions on face and neck to remove make up, sunscreen and impurities

    Step 4

    Remove excess oil cleanser from face with water or warm wet compress

    Step 5

    Follow with our Dayglow Oil Serum & Everyday Mineral Sunscreen

    Step 6

    Wash and ring out with water and hang konjac sponge to dry


    100% Natural Konjac Root

    Konjac sponges are 100% natural, making them completely biodegradable and compostable. The Clean Konjac Sponge can be placed in your compost when you are ready for a new one.

    Customer Reviews

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    Sarah E.
    Can't cleanse without this !

    I've never tried a Konjac sponge until I ordered this FORAH one and now I can't cleanse without it. It has so many benefits and deeply cleanses and exfoliates my skin better than just using my own hands. I've noticed it helps unclog my pores and I get a deeper cleanse than I normally would. Bonus that it's a little face massage as well :) A key part of my routine now!